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The Institute of Corporate Law Journal (“ICLJ”) is a web journal of articles on corporate law and practice. Published online by ACRA’s Institute of Corporate Law, the ICLJ carries articles written by academics, practitioners and regulators. The ICLJ aims to attract articles intended as succinct thought pieces providing varied viewpoints to encourage active discussion and debate, and contribute towards enhancements in the practice of corporate law in Singapore. 

The ICLJ’s editorial team is responsible for editing and preparing submitted content for publication. The ICLJ's editorial team reserves the right not to publish any article submitted without providing any reason therefore. All ICLJ articles represent the respective writers’ views. 

A message from Mr Adrian Chan, Chairman, ICL Panel

Bài hát vua trực tuyếnOn behalf of the ICL Panel, I would like to welcome you to the website of the ICLJ and invite you to read our articles.

A collaborative effort between ACRA and the ICL Panel, the ICLJ is our flagship journal on pertinent issues in corporate law and practice. The ICLJ seeks to drive practice forward and act as a catalyst for change in Singapore and the region, by carrying articles on topical issues relevant to all stakeholders as well as thought leadership pieces written by academics, practitioners and regulators that seed progressive ideas and generate fruitful discussion.

We are proud to launch the ICLJ on 31 March 2017. We look forward to publishing more articles, and welcome all contributions to the ICLJ.    

About the ICL Panel

The Institute of Corporate Law (ICL) develops corporate law literature and fosters scholarly and professional discussions on corporate law issues for the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority.    
Bài hát vua trực tuyến The members of the ICL Panel comprise experienced professionals, academics and representatives from the private and public sectors. The roles of the Panel are to contribute to the objectives of ICL by: (i) identifying and discussing issues in corporate law and practice; (ii) providing suggestions for and feedback on corporate law reform proposals and areas that may require Registrar’s Interpretations; and (iii) contributing articles for publications by the ICL.   

ICLJ Articles


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