The company is required by law to file notification of the resignation or disqualification within 14 days from the date of resignation or disqualification. This would enable ACRA to update its records of the director’s status.

Bài hát vua trực tuyếnWhen a company’s ex-director has reasonable grounds to believe that the company will not lodge a return with ACRA, he may notify ACRA of his resignation or disqualification via BizFile+.

When to Notify


Generally, the company is given 14 days Bài hát vua trực tuyếnto lodge the notice of cessation with ACRA after the ex-director has served his valid resignation.


The director must provide a written notice of disqualification to the company. The company in turn is required to report the disqualification to ACRA within 14 days after the director becomes disqualified.

If the ex-director is aware that that there are no other officers in the company to lodge the notice (e.g. the company secretary has resigned and the other remaining director(s) are disqualified), he may notify ACRA of his valid resignation or disqualification immediately.

Bài hát vua trực tuyếnNon-compliance could constitute an offence under S165 of the Companies Act.

How to Notify

Step 1: Log onto BizFile+ Log onto  with your .

Select "Explore eServices". Under this heading, select "Local Company". Under "General", select the relevant notification form. 
Step 2: Select Select the relevant notification form from the list provided:
  • Notification of Cessation (Bankruptcy)
  • Notification of Cessation (Disqualification) - Applicable to Local Company and LLP
  • Notification of Cessation (Resignation) - Applicable to Local Company, LLP and LP
  • Notification of Leave of Court or Permission to Act from Official Assignee
Step 3: Attach

Bài hát vua trực tuyếnAttach a copy of the following documents: 

For Resignation 

  • Acknowledgement from the Board of Directors / receipt of the Registered Article 
  • Resignation notice

For Disqualification

  • Bankruptcy statement (if applicable)
  • Court order or other supporting documents for disqualification
Step 4: Submit Each notification for resignation is company-specific. For example, if the director is resigning from several companies, the director must lodge a return for every company where he holds directorship. 

Bài hát vua trực tuyếnThe following payment mode is accepted:

  • Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard)

What to Do After Notifying ACRA

Check Notification Status

Bài hát vua trực tuyến The applicant may check the status of the notification after 1 – 3 working days via:

  • BizFile+ – under “Transaction Status Enquiry”
  • Email – the outcome will be sent by email if an email address was provided to ACRA

Wait for a Response

ACRA may contact the ex-director or other relevant parties to verify his resignation or disqualification claim.

Bài hát vua trực tuyếnIt may not be possible for ACRA to respond in 3 working days in cases where a more detailed investigation are needed.

Consequences of Non-notification

Failure to Notify ACRA

Bài hát vua trực tuyếnThe company and every officer of the company who fails to report a director’s resignation or disqualification may each:

  • be fined up to S$5,000
  • be liable to a default penalty if the offence  continues after conviction

The person will remain as a director in ACRA’s records until the notification is lodged. This means he is still responsible for managing the company.

Legal Advice

Please seek professional advice if you are unsure about the legal duties and liabilities of the company and its officers.

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