If there is any change to the registered particulars of a public accounting firm, the public accountant needs to inform the Registrar of Public Accountants.

Changes to be Notified

The public accountant needs to notify the Registrar of Public Accountants within 30 days of the change if the public accounting firm has made changes to the following particulars:

  1. Name of the Public Accounting Firm or
  2. Appointments (i.e. new partners / resignation of partners / managing partners)
  3. Particulars of partners (name, identification type, identification number, nationality, email address, residential address, contact number)
  4. Business activity
  5. Registered place of business
  6. Office contact number
  7. Email address.

Bài hát vua trực tuyếnA penalty may be imposed if the change is notified after 30 days.

Who Can Notify the Changes

Bài hát vua trực tuyếnOnly public accountants or registered filing agent (on behalf of public accountants) can notify the changes.

How to Make the Changes

The public accountant may do so himself, or engage the professional services of a registered filing agent (e.g. law firm, accounting firm or corporate secretarial firm) to assist in his submission.

Step 1: Log on to BizFile+

Log on to  via CorpPass or engage the services of a registered filing agent (e.g. law firm, accounting firm or corporate secretarial firm) who would log in with their  to submit an online application on your behalf.


Bài hát vua trực tuyếnStep 2: Submit

Submit an online application via   using .

Step 3:  Pay

For Approval of Change in Name of Public Accounting Firm, pay S$15 Bài hát vua trực tuyếnvia the following options:

  • Credit card (MasterCard, VISA and American Express only)
  • ACRA Deposit Service (for registered filing agents)

Note: Payment by cash or cheque is not accepted in BizFile+ transactions.

No payment is required for other changes.  
A single transaction can be used to notify ACRA of multiple changes.

What to do After Applying

Endorsement of Changes

Bài hát vua trực tuyếnChanges relating to the addition or withdrawal of the partners require the endorsement (consent) of all the partners if the transaction is lodged by the public accountant i.e. without the help of a registered filing agent.

All the partners will have to log into Bizfile+ within 6 days from the submission date to endorse the application.

If consent is not obtained from all the partners within 6 days of submissionyour notification of change will lapse i.e. the changes will not be effective.

Bài hát vua trực tuyếnThe change will be effected on the records within 15 minutes after successful payment if no endorsement is required.  If endorsement is required for the change to be made, it would be effected immediately upon the endorsement by all the partners.

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