Meet Sandrea Lim, Principal Inspector, Practice Monitoring Department.

Bài hát vua trực tuyếnAs the national regulator of public accountants, ACRA has independent oversight of public accountants and accounting entities in Singapore. “My work centres around reviewing the works of the audit firms. I am part of the team that conducts practice reviews to assess Public Accountants’ compliance with the professional standards and we work with senior partners in the Public Accountancy profession to uphold high audit quality. I also conduct firm-level inspections to determine whether an audit firm has put in place an effective system of audit quality controls in accordance with the Singapore standards

Working in ACRA has given me the opportunity to interact with like-minded independent audit regulators around the world. I have had the privilege to complete a secondment stint with an overseas audit regulator to experience how a leading jurisdiction conducted its audit regulation. It is an eye-opener and certainly an enriching part of my career experience thus far!

Bài hát vua trực tuyếnRobust audit regulation is crucial in upholding market confidence, protecting public interests and preserving the trust and standing of Singapore’s audit profession. I am glad I am able to contribute towards providing a responsive and trusted regulatory environment for businesses and Public Accountants in Singapore.”

Meet Eddy Edzwan, Manager, IT Planning & Governance Department.

“In ACRA, we are encouraged to continually deepen our knowledge and learn new skills to add value to our work and stay relevant in this rapidly changing environment. I joined ACRA as an Analyst in the Financial Information Department (FID) where I worked on system changes and process improvement projects related to filing of financial information by businesses.

Lateral movements, such as job rotation is one way that we could gain new experience and skills by taking up new responsibilities. I was asked whether I was keen to move from FID to the Ops-Tech team within IT Planning & Governance Dept (ITPG). I jumped at this opportunity as this has been my area of interest and I saw it as a chance to hone and develop my skills in a new interesting area.

At ITPG, I look at current processes and review how we can leverage available technologies and tools to better enable the organisation to serve the wider business community. This includes harnessing technology to deliver our services more seamlessly, boost ACRA officers’ productivity and reduce the compliance burden of businesses - all of which are parts of ACRA’s transformation journey towards digitalisation and be digital to the core.

I was glad to be able to work on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Application Programming Interface (API) which are applications of new technologies. As the organisation transforms and prepares the workforce for Work of the Future, more and more ACRA’s people are trained in areas such as Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence based tools. Such learning opportunity is certainly something that I enjoy and look forward to!”

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